Date: June 7, 2011 Language: English Category: is-phone

is-phone Notes/Sametime vs. IBM Sametime SUT Lite Client

IBM announced as part of the IBM Sametime 8.5.2 release, the IBM Sametime Unified Telephony Lite Client (aka "SUT Lite Client"). Based on the press release this offering will provide an exciting opportunity for customers to start down the UC path. This new communication option, lets users make and receive voice and video calls from their desktops using the Sametime Connect Client as a rich, standards-based audio/video softphone.


What are the main differences between is-phone plug-in for IBM Lotus Notes/Sametimes vs. SUT Lite Client?

  • is-phone works with Lotus Notes (embedded Sametime Entry Client) <-> SUT Lite needs at least Sametime Standard client
  • is-phone no middleware needed (direct connection to PBX) <-> SUT Lite Sametime Media Manager with SIP Trunk needed 
  • is-phone full scalable due to direct connection <-> SUT Lite max limitation on connection to Middleware / SIP Trunk 
  • is-phone Single number concept <-> SUT Lite single number concept only only with full SUT possible 
  • is-phone Mobile (iPHone/Android) softphone support <-> SUT Lite no mobile softphone 
  • is-phone TLS / SRTP <-> SUT Lite not supported is-phone local Conferencing (16 Audio participants, 9 Video participants)
  • is-phone PBX Feature codes support 
  • is-phone Call Transfer (attended/unattended) 
  • is-phone full automatic provisioning support