Date: August 23, 2010 Language: English Category: News

NetworkWorld: 70% of companies are increasing their deployment of softphones

According to an article published on NetworkWorld, 70% of companies are increasing their deployment of softphones, while only 18% of firms have no plans to deploy softphones of any kind. Softphones are now becoming commonplace. 

Companies are using softphones to


  • replace desktop phones
  • support teleworkers for whom provisioning a dedicated desktop phone is cost prohibitive
  • support traveling workers (e.g. salespeople, service professionals, with telephony services via laptops.

Goal of many IT managers is to leverage softphones to reduce to reduce telephony infrastructure investment.

Softphones can be very feasible for the following, tactical scenarios:


  • Mobile workers and home workers
  • Hoteling workers
  • Workers in temporary locations (e.g. field research, shared offices or trials)
  • Contact-center and support personnel.